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Water Falls

Lovers leap falls.jpg

Lover’s Leap Falls

8 Km / 21 Mins away

Just 30m, a leap which was renowned for the sacrifice of love made with the lives of two lovers was eventually named after them. The Lover’s Leap Falls incepts from the fountains of the highest mountain, The Piduruthalagala which is 2424 metres. The fall, falls over hard granite ledges and the water flowing is collected in a tank and used for drinking. The folk tale which is bounded around the waterfall is what which brings more people hear other than for the beauty of the waters.

Once a prince who went for hunting was lost in the jungle lost his way back and was rescued by a beautiful damsel. The two became inseparable lovers and the families of the royalty and the damsel’s did not agree on their love, so that they decided to sacrifice their lives in the mean of meeting back in their next lives and jumped down from the falls.

Take an enjoyable walk of around km from the Pedro Tea Estate crossing the main road and following the signs towards the tea manager’s bungalow along the dirt road. after following the footpath just beyond the small Shiva shrine you will see The Lover’s Leap falls.


Bomburuella Falls

12.5 Km / 27 Mins away

Bomburu Ella, also known as Perawella Falls, is located near the border of Nuwara Eliya and Badulla districts, approximately 25 minutes from Kingsford Residences. Bomburu Ella is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka and consists of several small waterfalls grouped together. It is 50 Meters (165 feet) high and one of the most beautiful water falls in Sri Lanka.

The walk to the waterfall base requires a bit of a mini hike and climb. Once you reach the top, the waterfall is magnificent. Views are breathtaking. You can rest, have a picnic and take a bath if you wish. Camping at this location is prohibited.

St Clairs falls.jpg

St Clair’s Falls

29.2 Km / 54 Mins away

One of the widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is commonly known as the ‘Little Niagara of Lanka’. The St Clair’s falls is situated 3 kilometers west of the Thalawakale Town on the Hatton-Thalawakale Highway in Nuwara Eliya District. The Kotmale River a tributary of the longest river in Sri Lanka, River Mahaweli is the water source for the falls – which slopes down over three rock outcrops to a large pool of water.

The waterfall consists of two falls ‘Maha Ella’ (Sinhalese for the Greater Fall) which is approximately 80 metres high and 50 metres wide while the ‘Kuda Ella’ (Sinhalese for the Smaller Fall) is 50 metres high and located just below the downstream of the Maha Ella.

If you have chosen to visit the beauty of St Clair’s – it’s good that you would not be overwhelmed as eventhough it is this huge, it is still the 20th highest fall and there is 19 ahead it.

Due to a power plant project famously known as the Upper Kotmale Project, Sri Lanka’s Last Major Hydro-Electricity Project waterfalls including the St. Clair’s has got affected. Due to major protests by the environmentalists the authorities have decided to allow a limited quantity of water to keep the continuous fall of the St Clair’s for 10 hours and 30 minutes daily between the sunrises and sunset.


Devon Falls

32.8 Km / 1 Hr away

Devon Falls, Nuwara Eliya is especially recognized for its clear view from the Hatton-Nuwara Eliya Road. And for the great deal of excitement a special viewpoint is setup from Dimbula with parking facilities. If you need to find out the place it is right opposite to the famous Mlesna tea factory where you can have a fresh cup of tea as well. No matter you intentionally arrived to see Devon falls or not, every single person who passes by breaks for a little rest at this point.

Devon falls is named after a British planter who was a pioneer in introducing and expanding coffee plantations in Sri Lanka. Well, just for the info – coffee was firstly introduced to Sri Lanka before tea, but unfortunately failed.

Devon falls starts as narrow stripe and then widens its water flow when coming down. You have the privilege of walking near to Devon Falls and that is passing by the tea plantations and several tea outlets could be found nearby.

Devon Falls is also one of the waterfalls which got affected by the Upper Kotmale Hydro Power Project but the authorities have agreed on providing sufficient waters to minimize the effect as far as possible.

Water level of this fall will be affected by the upper Kothmale Hydro Power project. But authorities have made some arrangements to provide continuous water supply to Devon to minimize the effect as far as possible.

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